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  • Arriving on: 14-Aug-2022
  • staying for: 5 days
  • Departing on: 19-Aug-2022
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We are pleased to offer you a variety of exciting guided bush walks, and guided cave tours in a unique and remote corner of the warm rainforest of the Northern West Coast of New Zealand, near Karamea: The Oparara.

A unique combination of natural landforms, diverse ecosystems and spectacular caves and arches born of a million years of undisturbed isolation characterize this area.

Public access to the ‘Honeycomb Hill Specially Protected Area’ is restricted to DOC (Department of Conservation) approved guided tours only, due to the delicate ecological nature of the area.  


Oparara Basin Eco Tour

Duration: Approx 5 hrs – All features in the Oparara Basin except Honeycomb Hill Cave


Honeycomb Hill Cave/Arch Guided Tour

Duration: Approx 5 hours – Honeycomb Hill Cave plus one Arch


Guided Cave Tour

Duration: Approx 2 1/2 hrs – Honeycomb Hill Cave only


Guided Arches Eco Tour

Duration: Approx 2 1/2 hours – Visiting both Oparara and Moria Gate Arches