Inland Adventures – Wilderness Rafting Tours

Reefton, Ikamatua and Greymouth

The team at Inland Adventures deliver trips that have less than 12 guests, which allows plenty of time to chat to your guides and fellow adventurers. Our guides have international experience and have led trips throughout New Zealand and around the globe.

Our trips are pretty special. Most of our adventures have less than 12 guests which means our trips have a really relaxed feeling.

So what does the grading system mean?

  • Grade 1: Flat moving water.
  • Grade 2: Small fun rapids. Suitable for family outings.
  • Grade 3: Medium-sized rapids. Entertaining white water.
  • Grade 4: Large rapids. Gets the heart pumping.
  • Grade 5: Extreme white water, big drops. Not for the faint-hearted

We’ll help you choose the type of trip that suits your dreams – whether you’re looking to explore virgin landscapes or the adventurous type looking for adrenalin!