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  • Arriving on: 14-Aug-2022
  • staying for: 5 days
  • Departing on: 19-Aug-2022
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Pounamu Koru


Jade Koru (Spiral) from Tectonic Jade Studio located in Hokitika. Artist Rex Scott.

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The Koru or spiral symbolizes growth or beginnings. The Koru design is representative of a stalk with a bulb at the end. It is said to have been inspired by the pitau, the young shoot of a fern or new sprouting seedling.
It is the rotation of collapse, the engulfment of expansion. It is the efficiency of flow and the evidence of movement. Spiraling is both the gentleness of growth and the ferociousness of death.
Tectonic Jade located in Hokitika. Artist Rex Scott.


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