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  • Arriving on: 27-Jun-2022
  • staying for: 5 days
  • Departing on: 02-Jul-2022
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Hook pendant hand-carved in Pounamu


Jade Hook from Tectonic Jade Studio in Hokitika. Artist Rex Scott.

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Nephrite Jade is the oldest known trade-able stone in the history of mankind. At times it was more revered than gold. Jade is simply a mineral pulverised between tectonic plates, being heated to such and extent that it becomes a molten liquid cooling at different rates and pressures the Jade produces unique characteristics.

"Its polished and brilliancy represents the white of purity, its perfect compactness and extreme hardness represents the sureness of intelligence, its angles which do not cut, although they seem sharp, represents justice, the pure and prolonged sound which it gives forth when one strikes it represents music, its colour represents loyalty, its interior flaws, always showing themselves through transparency, call to mind sincerity, its iridescent brightness represents heaven" Confucius 551-497BC


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