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  • Arriving on: 20-Apr-2021
  • staying for: 5 days
  • Departing on: 25-Apr-2021
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Glacier Rafting

Hokitika I-site
West Coast


Half-Day Rafting Adventure:

For the half-day the rapids are gentle and suitable for first-time rafters. The trip suits those looking for a milder option with a few smaller rapids with one grade 3 rapids in there to add some spice!

You will spend a couple of hours on the water and finish the trip on the main highway so you can get to your next destination be it the Glaciers or Hokitika and still have time for other activities during the day or why not soak in the natural hot pools that are next to the river after the half-day trip and chill out for the afternoon.

Full-Day Drive-In :

Youll drive into the mountains for 40 minutes on a scenic backcountry road. In an old historic gold miners hut youll get geared up in your wetsuits, diving booties, thermal underclothes and dry tops before setting off down the river.

Youll get your safety briefing and paddle instruction as we float down the flat water section before entering the canyon where the medium size rapids begin. This is a wilderness trip, there are no roads, no people, just you and the surrounding rainforest.

Youll see native birds and possibly other wildlife. You can feed some of our pet eels when we stop for lunch on one of the golden sandy beaches.

After lunch there is an optional cliff jump and we can go for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water before rafting out to the coast where we finish the trip where the river meets the main highway.