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  • staying for: 5 days
  • Departing on: 15-Apr-2020
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West Coast Wildlife Centre

31 Cron Street Franz Josef Glacier South Westland
West CoastNew Zealand


The West Coast Wildlife Centre is an all weather visitor attraction located in Franz Josef. The Centre is the sole provider of the BNZ Operation Nest Egg TM incubation and captive rearing programme for the Rowi and Haast tokoeka, New Zealand's rarest kiwi. The forest and bush around the West Coast is dense and virtually completely untouched and the undergrowth is home to the incredible wildlife - much of which is rarely seen as it is often active at night. The superb quality nature films and interactives at the West Coast Wildlife Centre bring you the very special opportunity to view juvenile Rowi - our rarest kiwi - in a natural walk through Nocturnal House setting with this fabulous wildlife New Zealand tour. The West Coast Wildlife Centre is of the largest Kiwi Captive Rearing facilities in New Zealand and since opening in 2010 has successfully raised and released over 200 Kiwi chicks. The Centre also brings to life the yarns and tales of the people of the West Coast, who mined, hunted, struggled and lived in this breathtaking but harsh environment. All entry tickets contribute to Kiwi conservation and the fight for kiwi survival.

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All Day Unlimited General Admission

All Day Unlimited  General AdmissionThe West Coast Wildlife Centre is an all weather visitor attraction located in Franz Josef. A 24 hour hour pass to see New Zealand's rarest kiwi, children's interactive tour, West Coast wildlife movies, glacier ice experience and West Coast storytelling.

Kiwi Backstage Guided Tour

Kiwi Backstage Guided TourThe Kiwi Backstage Pass is a combo ticket including the West Coast Wildlife Centre entry PLUS a guided 30-45 minute informative tour with one of our Kiwi Rangers through the incubation and captive rearing facility. The tours depart daily at 11.00am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.00pm (Kiwi chicks will be available to view on the Kiwi Backstage Pass Tour from October to March - subject to change and breeding season).