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  • Arriving on: 14-Aug-2022
  • staying for: 5 days
  • Departing on: 19-Aug-2022
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The bakery was one of Hokitika’s oldest shops.


Stone Oven Bakery  sources local ingredients and provides hand crafted pastries and savouries to the local community and tourists!

Stone oven also offers breakfast and lunch menus and at times, special event menus for special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter and local events like Hokitika Wildfoods Festival.


Asian SariSari Store or Asian grocery store is located inside the Stone Oven bakery/ cafe in Hokitika. You can enter the shop by entering in the bakery . Just ask one of our nice staff and will be happy to direct you to the main entrance which is off beach street. You will see the signs next to the beach front hotel.