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  • Arriving on: 03-Dec-2021
  • staying for: 5 days
  • Departing on: 08-Dec-2021
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Eat & Drink


Enjoy the taste of the West Coast with our top quality eateries.

Looking in Fox Glacier

The Last Kitchen


From $5NZD

  Corner of Sullivan and Main Road, Fox Glacier
New Zealand

Cook Saddle Cafe & Saloon

Go hard or Stay Home!

From $5NZD

  7859 State Highway 6, Fox Glacier
New Zealand

Bigfoot Bar and Restaurant

Serving delicious, hearty, home made food in the heart of Glacier Country.

From $5NZD

  39 Sullivan Rd, Fox Glacier
New Zealand

Asian Wok

Asian Wok Restaurant provides a combination of Chinese, Indian, Thai and Singapore cuisine and utilises traditional cooking practices.

From $5NZD

  52 Main Road SH6 Fox Glacier
New Zealand

Matheson Café

Award winning cafe located at the start of the Lake Matheson walkway.

From $5.00NZD

  1 Lake Matheson Rd, Fox Glacier
New Zealand

All the character and charm of an Old West Coast Pub’s and Hospitality can be found at the Pioneer Hotel, Accommodation, Dining and a Top Brew for the Savvy Traveller can be found here

No photo description available.  No photo description available.  pioneerhotel-19.jpg