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  • Arriving on: 18-Oct-2021
  • staying for: 5 days
  • Departing on: 23-Oct-2021
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Four Adults

$380 Per Person

Valid until 15 December 2021

  • Alfresco Historic Villa – 2-night stay – Beautiful quality accommodation and adjoining restaurant located in the Reefton township. Charming ensuite rooms in a Villa styled Holiday house.
  • Inland Adventures – Grey Wilderness 1 day Tour
  • Come Whitewater rafting through the heart of the West Coast. This grade 3 river keeps you entertained, and the towering mountains, steep gorges, and lush native forest mean this trip is packed with stunning scenery.
  • Reefton Distillery – 1 hour tour – Learn about Reefton Distillery Journey and the crafting of their products and sample their range of untamed spirits.



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Terms & Conditions

Valid for visits made between today and the 15th December 2021. No refunds. Minimum of 4 adults for each booking – additional room required for more than 4 people. Yes, you can book additional nights direct with the operator but this is not part of the package deal. Bookings for accommodation are subject to availability.

Please ensure you call Hokitika i-SITE on 03 755 6166 prior to booking. Availability for your chosen date must be confirmed by phone prior to booking to avoid disappointment.

**Please note that there is limited availability for this package around all public holidays. All operators are open during these dates. Feel free to call Hokitika i-SITE on 03 755 6166 before booking to check on accommodation availability during peak periods. Once you have booked, you will receive an email from the Hokitika i-SITE to confirm your reservation and booking details.