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  • Arriving on: 25-May-2022
  • staying for: 5 days
  • Departing on: 30-May-2022
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11 Quirky Pods

From the outside our accommodation pods do have that air of industrial chic, but come closer and you’ll find a haven of relaxation & comfort. Staying here you will recharge & reconnect, lazing away the hours reading, sipping wine or cooking up a feast on your private BBQ.

On the inside you’ll be amazed at how much comfort you can fit in a small space, en-suite bathrooms, micro kitchens, Queen or Twin single beds. The small luxuries like Nespresso coffee machine & Coffee plunger, soft, fluffy towels and quality linens all add to just letting go of the everyday.

Wifi, who really needs it! The internet all along the West Coast is not that flash, so don’t bank on spending time online, but hey, there’s always better connections to be made with the one your with .



You will find 16 serviced, spacious, level private gravel sites, tastefully set amongst landscape bays, surrounded on 3 side by native Harakeke. Our tent areas are placed around the park, so your never feel hemmed in.
Our absolute Beachfront location allows for a few lucky guests to park up as close as they dare to the beach!
~Fabulous amenities and communal facilities
Available all year round.